Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Losing your mind? Or just losing your blog?

What's interesting is that I never realized blogging would be so difficult.  Why, on one computer can I pull up my favorites and have my blog show up, yet on another computer it says it does not recognize it?  But, I am welcome to create a new blog under that address which is available!

Hmmm.  This does not sound quite right to me, but, ok.  I am ready to create a new blog.  And I do.  And then, when I'm all done creating, I'm brought to the section that shows me my blogs, and lo and behold, there's my original blog!  I just don't get it!

I don't think this happened without reason.  Instead, there was something to be learned from this timely metaphoric message!  I believe this happens often within our lives.  Sometimes we feel disconnected with what we believe should be happening in our daily routines.  It feels as though something is missing so you try and recreate it.  However, it doesn't always work out; all of the details don't quite line up.  And then we realize what we are trying to rebuild has been there all along!

Take, for example, memories.  Often, it's difficult to let go of our past and live in the present because we are afraid we won't be able to create a life or a moment as great as one we've already lived.  The one thing we have to do IS let go of the past to manifest a present that makes us happy.

You are not losing your mind.  You're just evolving.  As with my blog, I had to recreate in order to get back in touch with what was missing.  As you plod along through your day, tune into what's happening all around you.  What works for you now?  What makes you happy today?  Does recreating or reliving the past hold you hostage?  Or does it allow you to move forward, remembering great times, but manifesting a wonderful new reality that tops even the most memorable of moments already lived.

Evolution is a slow process.  At times it feels like you want to go back to what may feel like easier times.  But, you can't manifest for your future unless you are living in the present.  Enjoy now and allow yourself to appreciate what you only thought was missing!

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