Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Manifestations

As the old year rolls out, leaving a path for 2012 to shuffle it's way in I find myself holding on tight, worried about what the future has to offer.  In the times of economic crises, earthwide devastations and personal revelations I realize I have carried much of these worries around on my back. 

I do believe in manifestation. I believe we have the power to change our worlds, and more specifically our own little piece of the world.  I wholeheartedly think through manifestation we can add some modicum of control to what is our destiny.  Fate is gently nudging us along to allow us to take the path that is sometime less traveled, and oftentimes uncomfortable.  This I know is true.

What I have been having a very difficult time with lately is I allow worry to hold me back from creating and manifesting what is best and possible in my own life.  Living a life of service and spirituality is challenging when fear is present; and when you have to pay the mortgage.  Letting go is often more laborious than holding on!  Especially because change can be scary.

I have been dealing with my own issues of feeling worthy of the blessings that are essentially waiting to be taken hold of.  Re-learning new life lessons which are different from the ones we are raised with is proving to be harder than I ever dreamed possible. 

This is something I intend to change in 2012.  Knowing what I know to be true in my soul, I believe it's time to take control.  To allow change, in all it's glory, to rear it's head; be it ugly or beautiful.  And in the wake change leaves behind to ride with fluidity into my future.  I promise myself, right now, and in the year to come, that I will be honest with my fears and allow them to be dispelled by purity of thought and intention.  I will love myself, the way I hope others will love me, and I will dedicate my spirit to enjoying and appreciating everything life has to offer.

I wish this, too, for everyone else in 2012 and always.  That you may allow fear to dissipate and find joy and happiness in it's place.  We DO have the power to manifest positive change in our lives.  Fear keeps us from changing.  I will stop fear in it's tracks, and send out the positive energy for everyone to do this as well.

At midnight, I will ring in a Happy New Year!  And I will send healing energy in every direction so together we may all begin 2012 with prosperity, abundance, love and positivity!

Happy New Year, and may we all have a fantastic 2012~!