Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So many symbols, so little time!

I'm often asked the question, "Is it ok to have more than one symbol for something?"

The simple answer is-absolutely!  However, having more than one symbol can sometimes complicate things.  A friend of mine (thanks Melissa!) just asked if her "Halloween" symbol could be children in costumes, candy, and pumpkins.  While this is perfectly fine, it takes up more "psychic space" than necessary. 

Generally, our brains are able to focus on or think of one thing at a time.  It may be that our thoughts come so quickly that we have a hard time interpreting them as a single symbol.  When this happens, it's time to slow down.  Understanding that every message, image, thought or feeling we receive is important helps us to recognize each symbolic communication.  It is one of the steps to increasing our psychic awareness.

The ability to weed out and extrapolate the significant messages we receive allows us to go deeper into our intuition and connect with more clarity.  This opens up the possibility to receive the next symbol quickly, without conscious thought process.  This, in turn, may help clarify or reinforce the initial message that was given. 

Every day, whether I'm doing a reading or not, I receive symbols.  When I'm able to keep my mind clear and uncluttered they come in stronger.  It's the same with the Halloween symbols.  Can we have more than one?  Absolutely.  Do we need more than one?  No.  How do we decide on one symbol over the other? Easy; which ever came first, before we thought about it. :)

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