Thursday, March 3, 2011


Rejection: Like the Death Card in Tarot, when viewed in the negative it can be a devastating and energy crippling state. But, when viewed in the positive it shows you that you are now available for bigger and better opportunities! Stay open, something not right has to be "rejected" in order for something new to come!

Ok, so for many this is much easier to say than to accept.  When we experience rejection we often have a hard time processing it.  It can become a mantra for us, causing depression or at the very least a self induced case of mild self loathing!  Congratulations!  You were rejected!  Now move on.

I know everyone out there has had at least one rejection in their lives.  The thing is, we've also made it through.  Flash back to the last feeling of rejection and try and remember what it was.  Now, move are still alive, still breathing.  That is the best therapy out there!  You made it!  You're still here!

Ahhh, now that that's settled, maybe I'll try a little "therapy" myself!

Rejection:  the best form of therapy!

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