Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Healthy skepticism is a good thing!

My book is out!  "The Book of Psychic Symbols:  Interpreting Intuitive Messages".  This makes me very happy!

It also brings up many questions, on many levels. 

I was interviewed by a wonderful woman who believes wholeheartedly in the work I do.  I find it interesting that she had to delete a few comments from someone who was very negative because he was, dare I say, angry about the work I do.  I am a practicing psychic, a professional who offers readings and does gallery events and teaches workshops.  I am also a mother who wants the very best for her family.

I am no different than many other women out there.  I may look different, I may have a different schedule, and I may live in a different town.  But, I am an average person, living what I believe to be a normal life.

I go to all the games and events I can for my kids, enjoy the company and comeraderie of good friends and I love my husband. 

Why, then, do some still consider my profession to be the work of something evil, or better still, the fakest profession in existence?

What I have found throughout my entire career is that I like skepticism; in healthy doses.  I don't mind if you don't believe in what I do.  I don't mind if you openly try and find errors in my readings.  What I do hope, is that you will approach me, as you would anyone with respect.  The same respect I would give to someone who went to temple, though I don't, or who prays on a mat every hour, though I don't, or who believes there is some universal energy or God or force that helps to control our destiny and gently guides us to living an abundant life, which I do.

I do believe there are some people who are phony, who are trying to scam people by offering them fake readings.  I don't do that.  What I try and offer people is hope.  Hope that there is more to this life, hope that there is something beyond this life, hope they may find their loved ones on the other side of the thin veil between this life and the next, hope that they are headed in a positive direction, and hope that, yes, there is someone out there to share your many years to come.

I have been very fortunate.  Though I am talking about the naysayers or the non-believers, I have been lucky to not have been burned at the stake or stoned to death.  I, actually, have a great many who love the work I do, and are opening even more to the possibilities that we can all connect to our intuition, and we can all contribute to the manifesting of positivity in our lives!

I love the work I do, and I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of love and support I have received since my book has been published!  This, more than anything helps me appreciate even more the messages I have been led to share, and the people I'm priveledged to share them with!

Thank you, everyone, especially those who were once skeptics until they had no choice but to believe, for all of the kudos I have received and continue to receive!  I know you far outweigh the unhealthy skeptics and I thank you!

I hope you find comfort from the words in my book.....I share with you the truth as I know it, which continues to help me, and I hope it will help you, too!

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  1. Why don't you set up a test with the James Randi Educational Foundation and apply for the Million Dollar Challenge?