Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Acknowledging the Missing Acknowledgements!

Regarding "The Book of Psychic Symbols:  Interpreting Intuitive Messages"

Writing a book is a process.  And, getting it out is an even bigger process!  In my haste to wrap everything up I realize I somehow deleted my original acknowledgements paragraph.  I was so bummed when I discovered it yesterday that I couldn't fall asleep.  At one o'clock in the morning last night, my husband finally told me to stop worrying about it!  Of course, that fell on deaf ears and I stayed awake until I could figure out a solution.

My hope is I sell enough books that my publisher Llewellyn will do a second print run in which changes can be done.  But, even before that I need to thank some very special people!  Here is the original paragraph!

"My mother always said, "Everyone has at least one good book in them."  This I took to heart.  Why not?  I know she was there, smiling down, as I wrote this book, and is still there, sending love to my family and helping me with every reading I do.  For that, and everything else you did for me, Thank You, Mom!  I love and miss you!  A sincere thank you as well, to Tammy Nelson, an incredible author, therapist and speaker, and most importantly, my sister.  Without her love and support the difficult days may have been too hard to push through.  And, to all of my friends, who are indeed part of my family-thank you for believing in me even when I have a hard time believing in myself!  You've generated excitement to keep me going in my endeavors, and validated my gifts when I doubted them!  And finally, thank you to Angela and all of the staff at Llewellyn who've worked tirelessly to get this book into the hands of what I hope will be millions!  Enjoy!"

Well, there you have it, there it is!  I hope this will make it somehow into the next printing!

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