Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grounded in Intuition?

     The other day I was asked if an aquaintance of mine had purchased my book or if he believed in the work I do.  I was about to answer but I caught myself.  What I was going to say was, "He is very scientific.  He is grounded in academia and too logical to believe in intuition."  And, then it happened....I realized the error I was about to make!

     Intuition IS logical!!  Going against intuition is illogical!  Intuitive development or utilizing your intuition isn't irrational, unreasonable or even unscientific.  In fact, not tuning in is what is dysfunctional.

     We are all born with natural senses; included in those senses is ESP, or extra sensory perception.  When we deny that sense it's as though we've stopped smelling, or tasting, or seeing, or hearing.  It's part of our geneological makeup.  Our psychic or sixth sense is what helps keep us safe, what guides us in choosing direction and what grounds us in reality.  Yes, I said what grounds us!

     There are many ways to stay grounded.  Some ways to physically ground include taking off your shoes and walking in the grass, or digging your hands in the dirt.  We can also ground mentally by training or focusing on our breathing or meditation.  Another way to ground your energy is to focus on an object or even a piece of the wall; by doing this you are focusing your attention and becoming present.

     Being grounded in intuition simply means you are open to the possibility that there is help for you from many sources.  It implies that you have an advantage of receiving a gentle form of guidance in whatever decisions you may have to make. And, yes, it means that you can be better at the more "logical" activities in life such as technology, accounting and even grocery shopping. 

     Living intuitively is logical.  Don't let anyone tell you different!

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